Well lookie here…

May 8, 2007 at 9:18 pm (not a photo)

It’s a brand new site JUST for photo friday peeps. Aw yeah. It’s on,

This site was born out of a need for me to expand the creative duties of Photo Friday.  Luckily I have tagged Vee & Jay (suckers!) to jump in and help keep things afloat.  This is especially handy at the moment as I am decidedly blank when it comes to coming up with themes and such.

The idea will be that new themes will be posted once a week HERE and if you feel like participating you will still use the flickr pool to participate. Beyond that we shall just see how things evolve.

And sure, you can accuse me of creating another site because I will need something to micro-manage as I count down to possible doom in other aspects of my life. So what.


Here is where you leave a message at the beep with your url if you would like to be linked as an official Participator in Photo Friday.


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